Raven Queen – Week 3

Jane knows that it is just a matter of time. When it finally happens, and her marriage is arranged, she is crushed. She does not like the young man who her father has betrothed her too. Guildford Dudley is the son of the most powerful man in the kingdom. John Dudley is the adviser to the king, but with the king being a minor, his advisers run the entire country for him.

Ned is back on the run, having in his possession the necklace that Lady Jane has given him. She has advised him to seek refuge with her cousin, the Princess Mary. She throws the necklace that Princess Mary gave her while at court. Knowing that time is of the essence, he runs. He barely escapes the party that is hunting for him. Spending time on the road, he comes across a young boy, who falls in with him, just thankful for another human being to have some contact with. But one morning, the young boy does not wake up, so Ned continues on alone again. When he finally reaches the princess Mary, he is regarded with suspicion. Her household does not trust him at all. It is through her, that he learns of the marriage that has taken place between Lady Jane and Guildford Dudley.

While Lady Jane does her best to endure the marriage that she has been placed in, the biggest shock is yet to come. With the death of the King of England, she learns that she has been chosen as the next puppet for the powerful Lord Dudley…

This week we are reading Pages 123-181


  1. Why is Lady Jane so angry with Ned?
  2. Ned runs to a safe haven with the Princess Mary. Why do you think her household is so distrustful of him?
  3. Lady Jane is forced to marry someone to achieve her parents ambition. Do you think the thought through the consequences of what they were doing?