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Lemon Fluff Crinkle Cookies

Have you ever wondered what a cloud would taste like? I know that sounds crazy, but come on. Flying in a plane, looking down… or even laying in the grass and looking up… has it ever crossed your mind? I thought of it when I was little and assumed it would be like a marshmallowy puff of sweetness if I could ever get a little bite of one. Well tonight, 30 some years later, I think I finally stumbled across the answer.

Call me crazy all you want but as soon as I popped one of these Lemon Fluff Crinkle Cookies in my mouth I immediately turned to my husband and said, “These taste just like a cloud!!” He gets me and my quirks so he didn’t even glance at me twice and just headed over to the stove to grab one for himself. The only words out of his mouth in response: “Mmm. Those are good.”

Okay, back story real quick. I decided that this December I was going to make life a bit easier by finding FAST and SIMPLE cookie recipes to bake up this holiday season. I love baking, and I love Christmas, but I want to sit and enjoy hot chocolate while watching Rudolph too, if you know what I’m sayin’! Mama stays busy over here, so I have been figuring out short cuts in the kitchen to make everyone happy… including myself. These Lemon Fluff Crinkle Cookies were a Pinterest find from Eating On A Dime and once I read “only requires 4 ingredients” this recipe went straight on my TO-DO list! And OMG. These are totally a keeper. Like, an every-year-I-have-to-make-these kind of cookie. For sure!! They taste like CLOUDS people, I mean, seriously!!! They don’t dissolve in your mouth, they do more of a little *pop* and then they melt. Doesn’t that sound Heavenly!!?

So look no farther for that perfect cookie recipe for yourself. You have a little longer to get these done in time for the holidays before 2017 comes to an end… all you need is about 20 minutes!

Grab these 4 goodies:


  • Betty Crocker® lemon cake mix
  • 1 tub of Cool Whip®, thawed
  • 1 cup confectioners sugar
  • 1 egg

Step 1) Mix together the cake mix, Cool Whip®, and egg. It will be tough to stir and will be very thick, but combine it well.


Step 2) Using a spoon, drop a little tablespoon of batter into a bowl full of your confectioners sugar. Using another spoon, cover the batter with the sugar and then pick up and form into a ball with your hand.


Step 3) Place on a greased baking sheet and bake at 350 degrees F for 10 minutes.


Step 4) Let cool for a few minutes and then shove as many as you can into your mouth. Seriously.



Store in an air tight container and eat within a few days! The more fresh they are, the better the taste.

PLEASE try these, and make sure you tell me what you think! Drop those comments below!!!

What have you always thought a cloud would taste like??

Happy Holidays, and may you have a very merry New Year!

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