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More Adventure of the Great Brain – Week 4

Okay kids! Its our last week on this fascinating read, and of course, we cannot go out with a boring closing chapter now can we?? Its time to sit down and enjoy one last trick before our time with this book is over. Grab your snack and lets get started!!

With the end of the summer is looming and the start of the school year fast approaching, that does not mean it will keep Tom from having one more grand adventure. The ghost town over by Silverlode mine has long been a draw for kids. It has been closed and all kids have been warned by the sheriff to stay away from it. Many years earlier, two young boys went missing while exploring the mine, so parents kept their children as far from the premises as possible.

The abandoned town is reputed to be haunted, and Tom has now dared to see how many kids will go after curfew to see about the ghost. To back out would automatically get you labeled a coward. So, after the curfew whistle blows all the kids meet up at a predetermined location, and head off to see about finding the ghost. As they approach the old graveyard, the “ghost” of the old miner, Tinker,  springs up from his grave and each one of  the kids run off in a panic.

But when they return home,Tom is sure that there is a way to capture a ghost, and he will not rest until his great brain can figure it out. There just HAS to be a way to catch a ghost, right???

This week we are reading Chapter 6


  1. Do you think Tom should have dared the kids to go?
  2. Would you have gone if you had been dared?
  3. What do you think about Tom’s plan to capture the ghost?