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New Belvita Biscuits Have Been Released

Graduation has come and gone for me. As is the case for so many other children and adults of all ages, it is now officially summer time! While we are out of school on summer break, the days are now beginning to be filled with non-stop plans like appointments, adventures, and other activities to do. It is as if once summer comes, the days become even shorter than normal. 

Starting the day with a delicious morning snack is a perfect way to get going.  belVita is my choice for that go-to breakfast snack or even through the day while running errands..  They have now expanded their assortment of delicious biscuits, with products. belVita has come out with soft filled soft baked biscuits with two new fillings: Cocoa Creme and Strawberry. There are 9G of whole grain per 50g serving. So, hop in your car, head to your local commissary and pick out your favorite belVita flavor and stock up for this summer.

Rachel S