Personalize A Message To Your Loved One With This Shumsky Pillow!

Being apart from your family and loved ones is stressful on both ends – yours and theirs. This concept is nothing new to military life though, so military families have to take it with a grain of salt and make the best of it. The most important factor in a successful long-distance relationship, whether with a significant other, child, parent, close friend, or anyone else near and dear to your heart,┬áis reassuring that person that you miss them, are thinking of them, and can’t wait for their return. That is what makes the Hearts for Heroes pillow the perfect addition to any care package!

Now this gift idea is not just for military service members and their families. This personalized treasure can be sent to anyone! A child that has left for college, your best friend that lives thousands of miles away, or to your grandmother that just moved into an assisted living home across town. The recipients appropriate for this Shumsky pillow are everyone, and the reasons to give it are endless.

This high quality pillow comes with a permanent marker to include a personal message with. This could be words of encouragement, praise, a funny joke, or even a drawing. Once your pillow is ordered it will be sent to you for personalization and then you ship it to whomever it is intended for. Christmas is around the corner – this would make a fantastic gift for relatives or friends! Or if you happen to have a spouse that is currently deployed… this is a must-have for them as well. And on the other hand – if YOU are the deployed soldier, this would be a great opportunity to surprise your family at home with something meaningful and priceless!!

Give someone special to you a reason to smile today, and order your pillow at now!