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Let the Breastfeeding Shop and Tricare help you with your new breast pump!

If you are reading this, then you have probably made the decision to breast feed your new little that is soon to arrive. AWESOME! Having that cuddle time, when no one else but mom will do is precious. So with breast feeding, there are not a lot of things you need. Good diet is one, but a good breast pump is a MUST! If you have not checked out the selection at the Breastfeeding Shop, do it now! Pumps can be expensive, but did you know that your insurance could cover part of it? Tricare and the Breastfeeding Shop are working together to help new moms out! Your insurance can even help cover the cost of the needed accessories to go with your new pump.

Every mom needs to get out once in a while and making sure that you are leaving enough milk behind for those hungry tummies is essential. But why spend hours in the store, trying to figure out which model you want, when you can do all your shopping online! Just prop your feet up, get comfy, and sit down to see which model and style will best suit your needs. Mamas don’t get to sit often, so enjoy the quiet while you can, and getting a little shopping in doesn’t hurt either!

The Breastfeeding shop is dedicated to helping the military, so they have partnered with Tricare to help you cover the costs of a breast pump and accessories. All you need is:

  1. A prescription from your doctor
  2. Fill the information out online and add your insurance info
  3. Select the model that is perfect for you
  4. Wait for it to arrive at your door

It could be covered up to 100% of the cost! If only all decisions in getting ready to raise kids were this easy! If you are stationed overseas, you can also get your pump and needed accessories shipped to you. This is not limited to just the mainland. They also ship quickly, so you will not be stuck waiting for weeks without this much needed item.

The Breastfeeding Shop knows how important this decision is. From the perspective of a breastfeeding mom, let me tell you – this decision is one of the best that you can ever make! My first baby was super early, so having the ability to sit and hold him while he fed was something that was not only helping him, but helping me. I could not hold him for hours on end like most new mothers can, but only for certain times, and then he was back under the lights, and in the incubator. I cherished the time that we had to connect and bond while he was in the hospital. Thankfully, we were not there to long, but the use of a breast pump was especially important during this time. I needed to keep the supply I had, and build up as well, as we were not sure how long our hospital stay would be.

Follow this link and order your new pump today! https://thebreastfeedingshop.com/breast-pump-insurance-order-form/