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Quit Smoking This New Year With Help From Nicorette!

Is quitting smoking one of your New Year’s Resolutions?  Quitting smoking can be challenging, but luckily, there are ways to make it easier.

Here are 3 simple steps to help you fulfill  your New Years resolution:

  1. Head to your local Commissary
  2. Look for the savings on Nicorette 
  3. Stock up, save, and use as directed 

Don’t go it alone! Nicorette has got your back in!

So head on over to your local Commissary during the month of January and Check out these Nicorette deals:

Nicorette Ice Mint Gum 4MG 100 count $35.21

Nicorette Fruit Chill Gum 4MG 100 counts $35.21

Nicorette Fruit Chill Gum 2MG 100 count $35.21

Nicorette White Ice Mint Gum 2MG 100 count $35.21

Nicorette Mini Mint Lozenge 2MG 81 count $31.23

Nicorette Mini Mint Lozenge 4MG 81 count $31.23

Nicoderm Clear Patch 21MG 14 count $36.30


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