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Raven Queen – Week 1

Lady Jane Grey is no ordinary person. She is of royal blood. But she shares none of the grand schemes and plans that her parents and siblings have. She wants a simple existence. Preferring to read and study above anything else, she falls victim to her parents anger more often than not.

Ned has to hide his real identity from everyone. Saved from a gruesome death by Lady Jane, he is indebted to her, but he finds his feelings towards her turning to more than just a gratification to hoping for something more. Knowing that it can never happen, he enjoys the few minutes that they can talk together, but when her mother finds them in a compromising situation, it could lead to something much more.

Jane’s parents hope to make a match for her that will bring them to even further prominence in court, but their reaching might get them more than they could ever dream of! While there is talk of a match  between the King of England and Lady Jane, Ned is dismayed. He is of the Catholic faith, while Lady Jane and her family follow the Protestant faith. Ned is very careful to keep his faith hidden, but dreads the day that it is found out…

This week we are reading Pages 1-66


  1. Lady Jane has gone out of her way to rescue Ned, someone she knows nothing about. Do you think she was right to do so?
  2. Ned knows that he is indebted to her, but his very presence at the house is a danger. Should he have left?
  3. How does Jane differ from her sisters?