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Raven Queen – Week 2

Life for the Grey family revolves around the upper crust of England. One of the most enjoyed activities is hunting, which Lady Jane detests. In fact, she dislikes most of what her family does. In a lake of swans, she feels like the ugly duckling. What she wants most, is to be left alone, to study and to read. But daughters are expendable. They are used to cement marriage alliances, and they are

What she did not count on, however, was finding someone that could make her happy. While her family is counting on her marriage to the King, she is more concerned about the young man that is currently working on her families estate. There is something about Ned that she can relate to. At the same time she knows practically nothing about him. He has not revealed anything about his family to her.

While the country still simmers with the political and religious strife going on, Lady Jane reverts back to her books as much as she can. She is relishing in the visit from John Ulmis. While she reads and learns, Ned finds himself becoming jealous of the time that she spends with him.

While Jane and her family are at court for the festivities, she is about to get a shocking view of the King of England…

This week we are reading Ned – Jane (pages 67-122)


  1. Do you think the jealousy that Jane and her sisters feel for each other is normal?
  2. Why do you think Ned continues to keep silent about his family?
  3. Do you think that anyone was shocked about the condition of the King?