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Read The Adventure of “The Last Camel Died At Noon”

Good day, dear readers!

I am not sure how we are into December already, but we blinked, and here we are! 2020 is getting ready to draw to a close, and I am looking forward to the adventures that 2021 is going to bring us!

This month, we are reading Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier, and it is an adventure that is going to give us a bit of suspense. The master of mystery herself brings a tale that will leave you guessing until the end as to what is happening. January is going to bring another great book to us, and it is part of a series that we are reading here and there.

The Amelia Peabody series has been a favorite so far, and the books breathe adventure from the first page. I am almost certain that if you shake the book hard enough, there might be a little sand that falls out. I have loved these books for years, and being able to share them with you is so much fun! Let’s get 2021 started off right – a little suspense, mystery, and of course, that amazing humor that our beloved characters are known for! Join Emerson and Peabody for another fabulous journey into the shadows of the pyramids!

Goodreads Exceprt:
Bestselling author Peters brings back 19th-century Egyptologist Amelia Peabody and her entourage in a delicious caper that digs up mystery in the shadow of the pyramids.
Last Camel Died at Noon