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‘Salem’s Lot – Week 2

Well.. we left off on a bit of a cliff hanger last time eh dear readers!? This week promises a full round of adventure, terror, and a little bit of the unknown…

Ben Mears is back in town to write a book, but he finds himself drawn more and more to the Marsten House. Something is going on in the town.. something that has not happened in a very long time. The house itself has stood empty for many years, but just as soon as someone moves back in, the disappearances begin again. With the disappearance of one boy, and the other unable or unwilling to remember what happened in the woods, the case seems to go cold rather quickly. Despite an exhaustive search of the area and surrounding territory, no trace of the boy is found. Then, to add to the mysterious goings-on in town, there are two new members of the community, but no one seems to know anything about them. They are quiet, and stay out of the way but are going to open up an antique store in town.

As life begins to move along again, the brother of the missing boy, Danny, is found in the hallway and admitted to the hospital. As he begins to slowly improve, he mysteriously passes away. The parents are devastated and refuse to believe the reality in front of them. But there seems to be something that is just off about the entire thing.. and then Mike Ryerson seems to fall ill. Matt Burke invites him back to him home to sleep for the night, and tells him if he needs anything to let him know. As he prepares for bed, a feeling of dread and terror overtakes him and he is unable to sleep. When he can stand it no longer, he calls Ben demanding that he come out as quickly as he can. When he arrives, they check out the guest bedroom together. The body of Mike Ryerson is laying in the bed. Knowing that they are going to have to figure out what is going on, Matt tells Ben what he thinks is going on, and the two of them agree that SOMETHING is not right. There are to many unanswered questions and the theory that they are forming is almost to terrifying for words. Safe in the knowledge that Ben believes him, Matt is comforted for the time being, but he knows it will not last forever..

Just what is the town of ‘Salem’s Lot dealing with!?

This week we are reading Chapters 4-9


  1. One new person in a small town can be okay, but three!? Is there more than a coincidence here?
  2. The past disappearances of children from the town seem to have no connection to the recent ones, except for a house. Do you feel that a house can breed evil? Or can a child just go missing with NO trace at all?
  3. The feeling of terror is one that cannot quickly be squashed. Has anyone else had mini nightmares from this book yet??