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Save At Your NEX!

Have you visited your NEX lately to see what wonderful savings are waiting for you!? If not, why wait!? Finding savings and deals should not be something that is time intensive. No one has unlimited time to drive around looking for the best deals on the products they need. Shopping at your NEX can save you time, gas, AND money!

Summer has been brutal this year – the heat in many places have been reaching record temps, and that means that we are searching for more protection, and more things to do indoors. While summer marches on, so to do the items on our to-do lists. Back to school is just around the corner (when did this happen), and its time to start thinking about everything that we are going to need to prepare kiddos and teachers to get through the school year. Additionally, we still need to stock our homes with the items that we are using every day. From mouthwash, to shampoos, sunscreen, and more – your NEX has what you are looking for! Grab your favorite brands too! Aveeno, Neutrogena, Listerine, and many more are available!

Those get-togethers are not going to wait, so grab your sunscreen and get out for some fun in the sun! Don’t forget to enter the Get Out And Summer Sweepstakes! There are only a few weeks left!

Be sure to check out the Johnson & Johnson NEX page before visiting your local NEX! This way you can grab great coupons, find fabulous savings, and be prepared to get everything that you need to restock! From first aid kits to bathroom supplies, and so much more, your NEX has you covered!