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Say Goodbye To Seasonal Allergies With Flonase

Allergy sufferers, that time of year has come again. Sneezing, watery eyes, sniffles, and coughing – all due to seasonal allergies. While many of us have suffered for years with allergies, if you have recently PCS’d to a new location, new pollen can cause new symptoms for many. No one enjoys the feeling of allergies, so we are constantly on the hunt for something that will keep those symptoms at bay. As Spring is blooming, you can rely on Flonase to keep you going!

I have suffered from allergies for years. Each time we move I find new things that will cause them to flair, like high pollen counts, which Flonase has you covered! It is time to kiss those seasonal allergies goodbye! This non-drowsy over the counter medication will keep you active and engaged with daily life. Take the two week challenge! No one has time to lose over allergies. Family life will keep you busy. Stock up on your next visit to the commissary!

From April 1-31 2020, you can grab Flonase for a great price at your local commissary! Don’t forget to check coupons for even more savings! Visit the GSK MMS page for more tips and savings from your local commissary.