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September Is Baby Safety Month-Tips For Keeping Your Little One Safe!

When you look around a military base, how many pregnant women and small children do you see?  LOTS!! You always see lots of them.  When it was time to deliver my second child, I went into Labor & Delivery to check in and all their rooms were currently full.  It’s crazy how many children are born every day.

Did you know that ‘UNICEF estimates that an average of 353,000 babies are born each day around the world.”  That’s a lot of babies! Because our children are the next generation, we have to keep them safe to ensure they will be here for generations to come. This is why we dedicate every September to being Baby Safety Month!


(They are so incredibly precious, why would you not want to do everything to protect your babies?)

“Baby Safety Month started in 1983 when JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufactures Association) initiated ‘Expectant Mother’s Day.’  In 1986, it was extended to a week-long celebration, until 1991, when JPMA sponsored the first ‘Baby Safety Awareness Month.’ Since then, every September has been designated as Baby Safety Month.”


Each year JPMA focuses on a different topic to help educate parents, of any age, about safety topics.  This year’s topic is A Room With A Safe View.  A Room With A Safe View is all about baby and child proofing any room in your house by getting rid and fixing any potential hazards.

According to JPMA, here are the top 10 hidden hazards in just about any room:

1. Magnets

2. Recalled Products

3. Loose Change

4. Tip Overs

5.  Pot Handles Stick Out From Stove

6. Loose Rugs Or Carpets

7.  Liquid Laundry Packets

8. Hot Mugs

9. Cords

10. Button Batteries

For more information about this topic, visit JPMA here.

There are a lot of things we can do to keep our children safe.  Lets practice making each day a safer environment for our kids.  Pay attention to the Warning Labels printed on car seats, strollers and toys.  There is a reason for printing these labels.




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