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Slushie’s the Pepsi Way

St Patrick’s day is quickly approaching! Here’s a quick and easy treat idea that the whole family can enjoy. This super simple recipe is great as is or you can add to it and really make it yours. All you’ll need is a blender, 4 cups of ice, and the Pepsi product of your choice. Today I want to make my slushie St Patrick’s themed, so I am using Mountain Dew and some food coloring. The food coloring is optional, I am going for a Kelly-Green color so I’m going to add it in.

First pour 1 cup of Mountain Dew into the blender

Then add you ice

Add 5 drops of green food coloring (optional)

Add ½ a cup more of Mountain Dew to top it off

Blend for about 1min or until the ice is of slushie consistency

Finally pour and enjoy.

This recipe can be used with any Pepsi product. It can be made into a cocktail, or used as is for family treat.