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Step up and SAVE!

It’s time to step up and SAVE with CHATTEM!

WAIT! Who is CHATTEM? Good question! How about ACT, ALLEGRA, GOLD BOND, ICY HOT, NASCACORT and ROLAIDS? Recognize those? … PERFECT! They all fall under CHATTEM! A variety of products to suit  a whole slew of your family needs! From ages 0- 105, there is something for everyone! Diabetic? Check out the lotion made JUST for diabetics! There is something for everyone to fall in love with! Here are a few of our favorites:


  1. ACT products are the #1 dentist recommended flouride brand to help you go beyond brushing and help you get a healthier mouth! Kids don’t like cavities, so check out ACT for kids! Teeth and mouth coverage for the entire family!
  2. ALLEGRA products help relieve allergy symptoms for up to 24 hours! Fast acting, multi symptom relief this spring!
  3. GOLD BOND healing and GOLD BOND ultimate cover you and your family battle all of your skin needs! Battle dry, cracked skin with healing lotions for both men, women and for all types of skin including eczema!
  4. ICY HOT is here for your relief needs! Check out the new ICY HOT lidocane! Sore and painful muscles and joins are soothed with ICY HOT!
  5. NASACORT is another fantastic allergy relief but the easy to use nasal spray focuses on those pesky stuffy and runny nose symptoms. Nasal allergy symptoms are no match for NASACORT!
  6. ROLAIDS! Don’t be kept from living life, keep on living without irritating heartburn! Stay on the go and don’t let heartburn keep you from good food and a good time!

For a great variety of your family, or your needs, CHATTEM has your back!! Check out the link below for some instant savings!


Visit StepUpandSave.com or Text “LIVE HAPPY” to 811811 to submit your rebate!


For more savings, keep an eye out on the HOT DEALS tab over on www.mymilitarysavings.com!