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Stockings Full of Love

Every year we have a tradition in our family to keep Christmas simple. Well the gifting portion at least we keep simple, decorating is a whole other story. I think as my husband and I get older our “wish list” items become more realistic vs when we were children. Sometimes it is even hard to come up with what we “want”. I think it is mainly due to no longer being a child and now having our own money to spend. As an adult you can buy yourself, or each other, whatever you need or want. As a result, we end up gifting items that we know we will need or use. So our tradition is every year we choose to do a stocking for each other plus two small gifts and one large gift. However sometimes ideas for stocking stuffers can be hard to come up with.
The easiest way to come up with the right items for a stocking is by having a theme. I know every year my husband ends up getting sick at some point during the winter season. Therefore, a quick and useful theme for a stocking could be “Get Well Soon!”

You can stuff this stocking with love and a ton of their favorite “feel better” items. The number one item I would use as a stuffer is hands down HALLS cough drops in two flavors, menthol and honey. I mean what other better flavors are there then those two? They come in handy all year round, not just during the winter time, therefore, having these laying around will be a lifesaver when someone is coughing up a lung, or a sore throat. You can even find these at your local commissary easily! From there you can throw is their favorite drink to stay hydrated, vapor rub for when they are congested, of course tissues to catch all their sneezes and a personal hand sanitizer to kill all those yucky germs, a candle to light in the bathroom while they take a hot shower or bath, a good cup of hot cocoa mix, and lastly, a pair or two of warm socks for when they just want to be curled up in bed or on the couch.

So if I were you I would head to your local commissary and start picking out your stocking stuffer surprises before Christmas catches up to you! And be sure to check out all the savings and great snack ideas at: NabiscoMilitary.com

Rachel S