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Make Baby’s First Stocking Memorable

This post was sponsored by J&J. The thoughts and opinions are my own.

The holiday season is just around the corner! Now we are thinking about what to put under the tree, and of course, what are we going to use in the stockings. When it comes to Christmas stockings, your newest little one is not going to remember it at all. But mom’s will. Babies are going to get a little bit of everything, and so much of it is going to be fun toys or clothing items, and that can get a little overwhelming. Instead of stuffing more toys and little knick-knacks into the stocking, give them something that they can really use!


This Christmas, give your new little bundle items that mom will go crazy over! Stuff the stocking with items like Aveeno Baby® washes and lotions, Desitin®, and Johnson’s Baby® Shampoo and Lotion. Babies are not going to care what comes out of the stocking, but parents are going to love having useful daily items that they can use with their little one. 


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Remember, use all products only as directed.