Summer Travel Pet Tips

how to pcs with pets - summer pet travel tips

Summer time usually means vacation time – and that likely means travel with pets! It may be a short road trip, a flight to see relatives, or something we all love – a cross country PCS! I had the privilege to travel from Texas to Boston with my 2 pugs and I have to say it honestly was not bad at all.  Since my dogs are “flat faced” dogs, they have major restrictions on flying, especially during warmer months. The drive was 34 hours…yes 34 hours!! However, we packed plenty of food, had lots of water, and stopped every 3-4 hours to allow them to get out, run around, and do their business. Since this is a busy travel time I wanted to give some tips that I have learned and read about when traveling with pets.

traveling with pets

Summer Pet Travel Tips:

1. First make sure their ID tags and microchips (if they have one) are up to date with all the correct information. In addition, be sure you have the most current copy of their shot records and any other valuable information you may need concerning your pet. These are beneficial just in case for any reason you have to visit a vet or pet hospital that is unfamiliar with your pet.

2. Be sure you introduce the pets leash, carrier, and any accessories well in advance. I can tell you from experience my pugs never used a crate and so when we knew travel time was coming I would take them for rides in their crate to allow them to get used to it.

3. Pets should always ride secured in a crate and preferably in the back seat. The few times we allowed our pugs to roam in the car it was a disaster because they both wanted to sit on my lap while I drove and stepped all over the gearbox and everything else. Needless to say it wasn’t the safest choice and so keeping them secured in a crate is the best option.

4. Stop every few hours to allow your pet (mainly dogs) to run around, eat, and go to the bathroom. They sell feeders that can attach to crate doors that allow you to give your pet water and snacks when needed as well. Be sure to pack any items they are familiar with such as a blanket or stuffed animal to make them feel more comfortable.

5. Finally, NEVER NEVER leave animals in the car alone and unattended for long periods of time. Your car can heat up quickly during the summer and this can be fatal to your pet. Please do not leave your pets in the car when it is hot outside!

For more info (especially if you are not traveling by car) visit: You can also check out this link:

Your pets are like family and so it is important that they are well taken care of even on vacation. If you have any summer pet travel tips, please leave us a comment below!


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