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Survey Blog: How Soon Do You Begin Preparing For Back To School?

August is the month that most kids dread. Back to school is just around the corner, and summer is drawing to a close. As we think about school starting, there are quite a few things that must be purchased. These include new clothes, school supplies, lunch boxes, and more. Depending on your kids’ school, it can be quite a bundle to prepare for the beginning of the school year.

So, we ask the question: How soon do you begin preparing for back to school? Do you wait until right before, or do you plan throughout the summer to help offset the cost?

Right now, we have a survey question up so that we can gauge the responses. You might be curious as to why we are asking. We want to be sure that we are sharing savings and tips and tricks to help you prepare. But we want to share these when you need them. We use these responses to ensure that we are updating to the needs of our consumers – YOU!

Head over to the survey section, and answer the question today!