It is time to start thinking of the New Year and the resolutions that we are going to be setting forward. One of the things that is almost always on our list is getting back to the gym and getting into shape.  We all know that one of the hardest parts of getting that awesome work out in, is finding the right shoes. Let me tell you, you need to check out these New Balance shoes! They are perfect for whatever style of workout you decide to try!

Not long before I left for training, many, many years ago, I went to a running store and had them measure my feet. They watched me run, the way my feet moved while I was running, and of course measured the arch on the bottom of my foot. The very first shoe they recommended was a New Balance. I tried it on, ran around the store, and was amazed at the way that the shoe seemed to meld around my foot. I have always kept that in mind when I go shop for a new pair!

The entire time I was in the Army, I trusted my feet to New Balance. When you can find the perfect fit, comfort built in, and it doesn’t break the bank – you have a winner! New Balance shoes are perfect in every way! Great price, great fit, great look! New Balance shoes have always held up well, to every challenge that I might have decided to put myself, and my feet through. Now that I am out of the Army, I still rely on New Balance. I may not be doing PT first thing in the morning every day, but staying fit is still a priority.  The Exchange always has a nice selection of shoes to pick from, and if you are not finding exactly what you want in the store, you can check online!

You can imagine how excited I was when I found that New Balance had some great deals at the Exchange this month! Not only am I ready to jump back into running after having to take a few months off this year, but I was in need of a new pair of running shoes. New Balance already has pricing that is competitive, but right now at the Exchange, the deals are even sweeter! Head on over to your local exchange. Shop online here  or in the store, and get ready to run in 2018!