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Tackling those colds!

There is nothing worse than having a SICK child. At that very moment, you wish your hyperactive, loud laughing, too much talking child was back.
Keeping your child healthy seems impossible sometimes because all the germs seem to attack. If you have a sick child, keeping some Tylenol in the medicine cabinet is a great idea to ease the pain for ALL.

Here are some helpful tips to lessen your chances of getting SICK:
1. Drinking fluids and eating a balanced diet may help your body prepare for and possibly even prevent a cold.
2. Avoid people who have COLDS, it is as SIMPLE as that. If you are SICK stay home!
3. Frequently wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. By tackling germs, you can reduce your chance of getting a cold by about 20%.
4. Keep your fingers away from your eyes and nose to avoid spreading germs. A single gram of bacteria can contain 1 trillion germs.

I try my very best to follow these helpful tips often. My kiddos know as soon as they come inside from being outside, the first thing they do is wash their hands!
We can’t fight it sometimes so let’s be prepared for it. Tylenol has many different types of products but you cannot go wrong with Children’s TYLENOL Cold + Flu for children ages 6 to 11 years. Because I have an 8-year-old, this is my go-to for colds. I even pack this in my suitcase when traveling because you never know when you will need it. VACATION PLUS COLDS IS NO FUN!! You can’t protect them from everything, but you can offer the first line of defense in helping them get better and feel great!

With two flavors grape or bubblegum, this Tylenol attacks your child’s tough multi-symptom cold by momentarily relieving runny noses and headaches, quieting coughs and reducing fever.

For my information on Tylenol products PLEASE visit…https://www.tylenol.com/children-infants/cold-flu/how-to-relieve-your-childs-cold-symptoms