When all else fails, RETREAT…

.. To your local library or bookstore! Have you ever walked into a bookstore and wondered what undiscovered adventures waited for you!? We all have our favorite authors, and the go-to reads that we fall back on, but there are times when you have to take a chance and look for something that you have […]

Books vs. Movies – The Mystery of Adventure

As we move farther into the age of technology the use of books has fallen to the wayside. Television, movies, and music have overtaken the time that most people would normally use to sit with a good book. Offices and home libraries have given way to media rooms and high tech gadgets that move us […]

But What About the Books!?

So we all know that books are awesome things, and if you are in the MMS book club, then you are getting a small sample of the awesomeness of books that are out there! If you aren’t in the book club, well.. why not!? (Seriously, you should come check it out)! Each month, we choose a […]

MMS book club

I will keep a running list here of all the books that we have done. Happy Reading!!! ADULTS 1.  Rebecca – Daphne du Maurier 2. The American Heiress – Daisy Goodwin 3. Bag of Bones – Stephen King 4. Outlander – Diana Gabaldon 5. Blood and Thunder – Hampton Sides 6. Flight of the Sparrow […]

Author Interview with Noble Smith

My name is Noble Smith and I come from a long line of veterans (Civil War, WWII, Vietnam). I was actually born on an Air Force base during the Vietnam War and my dad, who did two tours in Vietnam, ended up retiring as a major in the Air Force reserves. I had a grandfather […]