An Easy Tutorial, For The Fidget In You!

Ohmygoodness, the craze of new trends these days! My 5th grader came home from school a few weeks ago ranting and raving about the new toy that has apparently taken over the nation… <drum roll> the fidget spinner. I had no idea what she was talking about but apparently, all of a sudden one day at […]

Make These DIY Kitty Shoes Right MEOW!

Some of y’all are dog 🐶 lovers, some of you may prefer guinea pigs or hamsters 🐹, and others may be satisfied with a few goldfish 🐠. Our family, however, is Team Cat 😻 all the way!! We have two fur babies, Bruno and Gus Gus, that we wouldn’t know what to do without. But I suppose every cat […]

2 Ingredient Lip Balm!

This warmer weather brings lots of fun in the sun! The kids are itchin’ to play outside… farmer’s tans are beginning and wind-whipped chapped lips are starting to appear. Riding bikes, scooters and roller skating is exhausting though and I often have a handful of neighborhood kids resting inside my house any given weekend afternoon. […]

Spiral into Spring with this EASY DIY Tie Dye!

Spring has officially begun as of March 20! Here in Georgia I’ve got my flowers planted, my bird feeders are full, and we spend our afternoons outside in the warm southern sunshine. I’ve never been happier to see winter go! My jackets and boots are put away, I’ve got all of my spring decor out, and […]

Driftwood Bird Mobile

We are in the middle of a PCS move so all of our household goods are currently in transit and I am living out of my mother’s spare bedroom – true story. My family was previously stationed in New York but my prayers were answered and my husband was recently assigned back to Ft. Stewart, […]