Cupcake Diaries – Italian Ricotta With Whipped Mascarpone Frosting

This month’s Cupcake Diaries was inspired by my mother as we just celebrated Mother’s 🌸 Day last weekend. If you’ve been following my dessert adventures then you probably know that I enjoy showing my love through food… it just feels good to make other people’s bellies happy. If you are considered a friend or family member […]

Crispy Oreo Pops

Crispy rice treats remind me of childhood. Of playing outside all day, lemonade stands, tree-house clubs, neighborhood kickball, and never-ending summers. It wasn’t until I grew older that I realized how easy of a dessert it is to make, which makes perfect sense as to why my mother made it almost anytime my brother or […]

Cupcake Diaries – The Andes Mint

I have put a lot of thought into journaling about my baking adventures. This was not always a passion of mine but during my second pregnancy something just clicked… I was craving decadent chocolate ganache, fluffy cakes, and rich creams. I attempted to whip together a few sweet treats on my own (because the bakery gets expensive after a […]