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Tasty Halloween Party Treats

Tasty Halloween Party Treats

I don’t know about you, but I love a good Halloween party. Thankfully my birthday falls a few days after Halloween, so I always have a reason to throw some epic Halloween parties!

I love finding new, creative Halloween recipes to serve my guests, and this year, I have found some perfect additions to my usual repertoire. Of course for my kids, I have the usual Halloween party treat – Mummy Hot Dogs (also known as “pigs in a blanket”), Witches Brew (any type of green juice with gummy worms floating and dry ice for effect), and Creepy Eyes Crispy Balls for dessert. But this year, I wanted to be a little more sophisticated for my older guests and bring out some things people might not suspect.

So I headed over to Snackworks.com and decided to test out some of their Halloween party treat recipes. Boy, did I hit the jack-o’-lantern pot! Check out what I found:


TRISCUIT-Sweet Potato Pull-Apart 


Tasty Halloween Party Treats

I love something that is a little sweet and salty, and this definitely hit the spot! This recipe is good enough to be used as an appetizer or dessert. I recommend making sure the marshmallows are extra toasty and melted, and served warm. You won’t regret it!


NUTTER BUTTER Candy Corn Fudge

Tasty Halloween Party Treats

My family is all about fudge. We have recipes handed down from my grandfather that I will take to the grave. But let me tell you, my Pop-Pop never made fudge like this! The crunchiness of the Nutter Butters and the creaminess of the fudge make this a top-notch treat!

Tell me, what are your favorite recipes you use for your Halloween parties? Be sure to comment below! Then this year, take your Halloween party treats to the next level and try the recipes above and grab all your ingredients at you local Military Commissary.


Happy Halloween!

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