Friendly Frankenstein Rice Krispies Treats®

I love making cute treats for my kiddos! I am not much of a baker, and that is why I instantly loved this recipe. You know, I would sit and watch cookie piping videos in hopes that one day I could do that too. Well, it turns out I can’t, but I could at least decorate these little cuties! You can use vanilla frosting, or they sell the pre-made frostings. I went the super easy route with the pre-made and bought black and green. I figured I can use the rest to decorate the sugar cookies I am making this week. Check out this recipe from Kellogg’s®! It is super simple and quick!

What You Need


  1. Insert 1 lollipop stick into one short side of each KELLOGGS RICE KRISPIES TREATS Original Bar.
  2. Use white frosting to attach KELLOGG’S APPLE JACKS cereal for ears and mouths and to attach candies for eyes.
  3. Tint half of the remaining frosting black or brown. Pipe on each for hair. Tint remaining frosting green. Pipe on each for eyebrow, nose and any additional decorations.

These were so simple, yet super cute and fun to make! My kiddos helped put on the eyes and nose. They wanted red eyes instead of green. They were into a spookier look. They also suggested all the fun plate decorations. And then, they were waiting patiently to eat these. They were all gone within about 30 seconds! I will be making more of these for my daughters Halloween party at daycare!

Right now you can grab this amazing coupon at your local commissary from Kellogg’s! We always have Apple Jacks in our house, but my kiddos ate them all before I could get to them! Luckily we also have the mini versions on hand as well. For more coupons, deals, and recipes, visit