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The Blessing Way – Week 4

Joe Leaphorn is still following leads and trying to work out what the purpose behind the murder might be. Just when he thinks he might have a it all figured out, the evidence points him in another direction. As the questions start again, he begins to wonder what might have been the ultimate motive. What does this mysterious person want? The more he ponders over the questions in his mind, the less sense it all makes. As he runs back over the case, the neat little solution that he had for the murder is thrown out. When he sees the prints of Billy Nez, he knows that the young man ignored his warning to not try and find the Wolf Man again. Now there is concern that something could happen to Billy as well. If the Wolf Man was responsible for the death of Luis Horseman, then he would have no doubts into killing again. Leaphorn must figure out the reasons why and fast!

McKee and Ellen are still being held prisoner by the Navajo Indian and his accomplice. They know they are going to have to escape if they hope to live at all. Ellen seems to have lost all hope, but McKee is feverishly trying to come up with a plan. They just have to find a way out of their prison. As they sit and try and keep themselves calm, Ellen tells McKee all about her fiance. He is in the area somewhere, but no one knows exactly where and McKee is sure that getting help is going to be harder than he hoped for. As he investigates the walls surrounding them, he finds something that gives him hope once more. A kochina painting, one that the Hopi Indians used in their dwellings. If he is right, then there is a hidden passage way, and that could mean the escape they were looking for! As they work out their plan, McKee goes ahead to create a distraction and get the accomplice out of the way. He has to work his way through the rubble and the cliffside as quietly as he can, so as not to arouse any suspicion before he is ready to defend himself. When he hears the warning that Ellen shouts out and the resounding gunshot, he knows that he does not have long to prepare.

But just when he reaches the safety of Ellen’s fiance’s trailer, something happens that he does not expect…

This week we are reading Chapters 15-18


  1. Joe Leaphorn thinks that he might have figured out something that could have resulted in the death of Luis Horseman. What was it about the Navajo that did not quite fit?
  2. McKee is trying to keep himself and Ellen alive, but he can only stall for so long. Why do you think the letter was so important, especially to someone such as Mr. Green?
  3. Why is Jim trying to convince Billy that McKee is the witch?