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The Great Brain – Week 2

John is looking forward to the summer, and the chance to finally breed his purebred Alaskan with the Jensen’s dog. Tom has other plans though, and as always, is trying to figure out how he can turn a profit on the venture. As they move through their days, the one thing they can always look forward to is ice cream on Sunday! Mamma makes the best ice cream around, and somehow, two of the boys in town know when the ice cream is finished and they can help eat the residue of the beaters. John is curious as to why the boys seem to show up at the exact moment its finished. But when he finds Tom charging the boys a penny each for the pleasure of eating the ice cream, he confronts his brother. Tom as usual manages to talk his way around his brother, and keep the profits for himself.

Sweyn and Tom are going to teach John how to swim. He is terrified of the water! He wishes he could just run away and avoid it, but he is to young to live on his own in the woods. If he was to bring any dishonor to the family, he could never live that shame down. As the afternoon wears on and he is able to master the art of swimming, he finds that he is actually enjoying himself!

When they get home however, they find their friends, Frank and Allen have not returned home. They said that they were going to go exploring, and the only logical place that they could have gone was Skeleton Cave. The fear of the adults is catching and the entire town is holding their breaths to find out if the boys are going to be found or not. The three boys watch as the proceedings are taking place, but eventually Tom knows that he must put his brain to good use, and come up with a way of finding the boys. When he finally comes up with a plan, he takes it to his Uncle, and together they go into the cave, along with John’s dog, and begin a new search for the boys.

This week we are reading Chapters 3-4


  1. Do you think that the method that Tom and Sweyn used to teach John to swim was effective?
  2. Tom figured out a way to save the Jensen brothers, why do you think no one else thought of it?
  3. Abie needs a place to stay permanently. What did you think of Papa’s suggestion?