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The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe – Week 2

Lucy cannot convince her siblings that she is not lying, but Edmund has been to Narnia, and he refuses to tell Susan and Peter the truth. It is not until they are chased into the wardrobe trying to hide from the housekeeper and her guests that the discover that Narnia really does exist. As Lucy leads them to Mr. Tumnus’s house, she is excited to be back in Narnia, but when they get to the house they are greeted by an awful sight. The house has been torn apart, and the little faun is missing. When they get outside, they are led along by a robin who leads them to someone that might be able to help them. Mr. Beaver is in possession of the handkerchief that Lucy gave Mr. Tumnus, so she knows that he is a friend. As they move to move into his home and his wife begins to prepare dinner, they are given more information about their situation.

All Edmund can think about is the Turkish Delight that the queen promised him when he returned. But he was supposed to bring his siblings with him. As he thinks about all of this, the Beavers give them all dinner, and then as the talk turns more serious, Edmund slips from the room and begins to make his way to the house of the witch. When the others finally realize he is gone, they know its to late and exactly where he is headed, and they are going to have to move fast in order to get to Aslan and safety before the queen or the White Witch can catch up with them. Enemies can be anywhere, and time is of the essence.

By now Edmund has reached the palace of the White Witch, but instead of being delighted to see him, she is angry that he has come alone, and afraid since Aslan has been reported to be back in the vicinity. She orders her sleigh, but what will happen to Edmund?

This week we are reading Chapters 5-9


  1. The house of Mr. Tumnus has been completely torn apart. Would you have turned for home at that point?
  2. Edmund has betrayed his brother and sisters to the White Witch. Why do you think he was so spiteful?
  3. Why do each of the children get a different reaction when Aslan is mentioned?