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The Memory of Us – Week 3

Julianne has been forbidden to see Kyle by her parents, but that does not stop her. She is determined to forge ahead with the relationship, regardless of their rules. They do their best to sneak around for a while, but that wears on a couple after a while. Kyle does the honorable thing and goes to her father, to let him know that they want to be married, but is told that Julianne can do much better than him. When he leaves, Julianne runs after him, and assures him that she still loves him, no matter what her parents have said. They have decided that they are going to get married, no matter what her parents say, so they go ahead with the plans. Julianne finds it harder to get away, since her parents hardly let her out of their sight, but she finds small bits of time to get things done and move ahead with her plans. She and Kyle get their marriage license, and have a firm date set. Julianne leaves letters for both her parents and her best friend Lucille,

They run off and have a wonderful honeymoon before heading back and facing the reality of what they have done. Julianne returns to her home, telling Kyle that she has to face her parents on her own. He is angry with her, but accedes to her wishes. Julianne’s father is very disappointed and angry, but Julianne drops a bombshell of her own, the knowledge of the secret of Charles.  With the honeymoon behind them, they settle into life in London. Kyle works hard to provide for them and Julianne is still going through nursing school. With the revelation of a pregnancy and then miscarriage, Julianne drops into a depression that takes its toll on the two of them. Slowly the work through the pain,and try to resume a normal life, but with the outbreak of war, and Kyle’s determination to join and do his part, Julianne is left to hold down their home the best she can…

This week we are reading Chapters 17-23


  1. Julianne is determined to carve out her own life, despite what her parents say. Is there a way that it all could have been handled differently?
  2. With the outbreak of war, Kyle joins up, no longer protected by the seminary. How do you think this will affect their relationship?
  3. Julianne has not been completely honest with her parents about the pregnancies. Do you think this could have healed the wounds between her mother and herself?