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Throne of Fire – Week 4

As Sadie and Carter travel through the Duat, they are beset by problems. First, they are stopped by Khnuhm, and they have to find his secret name before they can continue. He can’t remember his own secret name, so therein lies the first problem. Sadie has to do some quick thinking and reads through the first of the scrolls, which gives them the answer. As they are allowed to pass, they now have to look toward the next stop, which is something that they were not expecting at all.

Instead of finding a simple challenge, they instead walk into a nursing home for the old gods.  Those gods and goddesses that have mainly been forgotten, but have not yet vanished. There are thousands of them, and somewhere in the midst of the, Ra is hiding. Sadie knows that they have to find Ra, but the task seems daunting, and time is running out. When they find Ra, they have lost the window of time they were following and they are going to be to late to get past the next gate they need. As they sail along, they know its hopeless, but they have to continue with their journey as far as they can. When they reach the Seventh House, they are greeted by their parents. Their dad has become the god of the underworld, and their mom is a ghost, but they are there. They have prepared a feast for the kids, and a surprise guest makes an appearance. Khonsu, the moon god has the ability to turn back time, and time is what the Kane siblings need, but there is a price, and its not a cheap one.

With Ra awakened and the time for defeating Apophis drawing near, there are a few last hurdles that the Kane siblings have to overcome. Menshikov is waiting for them when they arrive, and he has an army with him. What can they do against such odds? Not only are they trying to stay alive, but they are worried about their friends and the army that has assembled to hit their home in Brooklyn. Then against all odds, they get help from someone who in the past has regarded them as enemies…

This week we are reading Chapters 19-24


  1. Bes has made a huge sacrifice in helping the Kane siblings. Why?
  2. Desjardins has died in helping the Kane’s defeat Apophis, but that leaves an opening for Chief Lector. Who do you think will take over?
  3. With the reawakening of Ra, the gods and goddesses are not happy, especially Isis and Horus. If they had not awaken Ra, do you think they would have succeeded in their quest?