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The Memory of Us – Week 4

A terrible explosion, caused by a bomb is about to have a rippling effect far wider than Julianne could imagine. Losing her best friend to the explosion, and badly hurt, Julianne wakes up in the hospital, horribly burned and unsure of what the future holds. As she tries to figure out what to do, the nurse taking care of her becomes a friend, although Julianne is still afraid to let anyone to close to her. She does not want anyone to know who she is. She refuses to see her daughter,and is trying to figure out what her future will hold.

When she is well enough to move, she steals out of the hospital leaving her daughter to the kindly nurse that cared for her. She takes off going from town to town travelling as a nurse that lost her papers, and then as the war ends and the need for nurses dries up, she works from smaller towns where doctors are scarce, but people still need help. This moves her along for several years, but when she goes to the bedside of a woman who is having a hard labor, she runs into the last person on earth she thought she would ever see again.

As she settles in as the housekeeper for the new priest at All Souls Church, she longs to tell him the truth, reveal who she is, and why she is there. It takes a couple of years, but the truth finally comes out, as it always does…

This week we are reading Chapters 24 – Epilogue:


  1. Julianne has a very shallow view of people, even those she loves. Could you have walked away from everything and everyone you loved?
  2. She comes very close to her parents, and almost reveals who she is, why would she not?
  3. Which character did you like the most?