The passengers from the ship settle into life on the island. The admiral takes charge and soon houses are being built. They are not sure how long they are going to be there, so supplies must be found, and shelters needed. Amanda, Jemmy and Meg are told they are going to stay with another family, […]

Curl Up With Our December Reading Choices

Good day dear readers. The end of the year is coming up fast! It is hard to see this year coming to such a rapid ending so quickly! I was just getting used to writing 2017 on everything, and now I need to start working on 2018! Crazy!! As we work through our exciting adventures […]

Adventures with Cousins and the Castle in the Attic

Summer is slipping away (how in the world is it already August?), and kids are getting ready to head back to school. I have been looking at the stack of books that I swore up and down that I was going to finish reading this summer. Sadly, I got through about 20 so far. BUT […]

Throne of Fire – Week 4

As Sadie and Carter travel through the Duat, they are beset by problems. First, they are stopped by Khnuhm, and they have to find his secret name before they can continue. He can’t remember his own secret name, so therein lies the first problem. Sadie has to do some quick thinking and reads through the […]