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A Lion To Guard Us – Week 4

The passengers from the ship settle into life on the island. The admiral takes charge and soon houses are being built. They are not sure how long they are going to be there, so supplies must be found, and shelters needed. Amanda, Jemmy and Meg are told they are going to stay with another family, but Amanda asks for a small house for the three of them. They do not want to be a bother to anyone, and prefer to be alone.

The men begin to work on repairing the ship and building another out of the scraps from the first. They  must do their best to make it to Jamestown. Bermuda is nice, but they do not want to live there forever. Amanda is determined that one way or another they are going to make it to their father in Virginia. One day, one of the gentleman comes by and offers to clean the door knocker for Jemmy. He refuses, and it is put away. When they go out for the afternoon however, the door knocker disappears from their chest. Amanda has a sinking feeling that she knows who stole it, but there is no proof.

Finally the ships are ready and its almost time to set sail. Several of the men have broken off from the group and are determined to stay in Bermuda. Jemmy wants to get the door knocker back before they leave, so he heads off to the other side of the island in search of it. But when night comes and Jemmy does not come home, the girls begin to worry. Meg is afraid that they are going to miss the boat if Jemmy does not get back in time. Amanda wants to get to Virginia, but she cannot leave her little brother behind.

When the ships reach Virginia, they are shocked at what they find. Ragged looking people walking around a small rugged town. Now the search is on for their father….

This week we are reading Chapters 18-23


  1. Why do you think some of the people wanted to stay in Bermuda?
  2. Why would Robert Waters steal the door knocker?
  3. When they show up Jamestown is almost deserted. Why was it so bad?