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Adventures with Cousins and the Castle in the Attic

Summer is slipping away (how in the world is it already August?), and kids are getting ready to head back to school. I have been looking at the stack of books that I swore up and down that I was going to finish reading this summer. Sadly, I got through about 20 so far. BUT the summer is not quite over yet! We still have three more weeks of the summer reading program, and I am diligently working on my bingo card! I am trying to get through at least a little bit of the mound that has been taking over my office and hall closet. There are so many fantastic books, and NEVER enough time to get through all the reading.

We have our next library visit coming up next week, and I am excited to get in and see which new books have come in. There usually have a decent selection, but the one that I have NOT been able to find is an author with my initials (in something that I am interested in reading). Who knew that it would be so hard to find that one! As I read through the list, I have found some great books! I have been reading the Castle in the Attic to the boys this month, and we are all enjoying that adventure! Stay tuned to the book club blog for details on this adventure! We read aloud at night, and they have all been captivated with the book! While we were at cousins camp last week, I had all the kids mesmerized as we lived the story of William and Sir Simon. As we could not finish the entire book, I bought a couple copies for them to read with their parents, so they could complete their adventure! I could not let them go home without knowing the ending, and waiting an entire year to finish the book ( I am already searching for what we shall read together next year) is just cruel!

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I will say one thing about pushing the books at our house.. my youngest is FINALLY taking an interest in reading. In fact, last week, he read several books to his cousins. It was a huge help, as we were usually exhausted by the end of the evening, and having a child that was willing to read a book to a few of them was a blessing in disguise. He got to work on his reading skills, and at the same time, awe some of the cousins with the fact that he could in fact read! He was also sweet enough to hold one of his sweet cousins baby dolls while it slept so she could have a break. In a week where my kiddos could have bullied on their younger cousins (if we were not paying close enough attention), they were so sweet and attentive to keep them entertained and lend a helping hand when it was needed It was a proud mom moment!

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There are some truly fantastic kids reads out there! While we have only made a small dent in the massive piles, we will continue to bring in a book each month for ya’ll to enjoy together as a family! We are really enjoying the wind down time at night when we can lay down and read together. While we look forward to old favorites, we enjoy our new adventures and meeting new friends through our books!

What are some of your favorite reads? Do you have the fall back books that you can go back to time and time again?

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