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The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane – Week 3

Poor Edward is one one interesting journey this week! As he travels with Bull and Lucy, he acquires a new name. He is now Malone, and for one of the first times in his life, he does not mind. The other hobos begin to ask to speak to him, and in his ear, they whisper the names of the families that they left behind. Edward begins to repeat these names in his mind and remembered every single one! For seven years, he travels with Bull and Lucy, listening to the stories and memories of those around him. He story that Pellegrina told sticks with him too. Edward remembers every word of it.

While riding on a train, Edward is thrown off by a man who declares that “there are no free rides for rabbits.” As he lays there listening to the sounds around him, and looking at the sky, he begins to feel the lonliness creep back around him, and sadness beings to overtake him. The next day he is rescued by an older woman, but she plans to use him as a scarecrow for her garden, and the birds do not want to leave him alone! There is a young boy that comes to work for the older woman during the day, and he sees Edward on the pole. He can’t stop staring! Later that night, the young boy comes back and takes him down. He carries him home and the entire way he talks about his sister Sarah Ruth, and the baby doll that she lost. Edward feels relief in being off the pole, and wondering about this Sarah Ruth that the boy keeps talking about. He is given a new name too. He is now Jangles

When he meets Sarah Ruth, he determined to be better. He WANTS to love her and take care of her. Sarah Ruth is sick. She doesn’t really get out of bed, and there is never enough food in the house. Their father is never around, and Bryce (Edward’s rescuer) does what he can to take care of his sister. Sarah Ruth likes to suck on one of Edward’s ears, and he does not mind!!

Edward is changing a little at a time. With each passing person who picks him up, he is finding more and more of himself. The world around him is ever changing, even though he is not, and the day comes when he has to say goodbye to Sarah Ruth. Edward and Bryce are heartbroken. Bryce picks up Edward off the floor and they strike out for Memphis. There he plays his harmonica and makes Edward dance. Once he gets enough money, they go into a diner and Bryce orders some food. But he does not have enough money to pay for it….

This week we are reading Chapters 14-21


  1. There are a lot of changes that Edward is going through right now. What are some of the more notable ones?
  2. The story that Pellegrina told to Abilene and Edward has stayed with him. Why do you think it troubles him so much?
  3. Bryce has attached himself to Edward, and continues to talk as they move through their travels. Do you think Bryce is wishing Edward or “Jangles” as he has been renamed, was a real friend?