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BE A HERO!! Donate your used books now!!

We all have THOSE books laying around. The ones that you are never going to read again, but you are not quite sure where to put them. MyMilitarySavings.com has partnered with OPERATION PAPERBACK, which donates books to MILITARY overseas! How awesome is that!? Now here is a worthy cause to donate those books too!! You won’t have to wonder where they are going to end up, or if someone is going to overcharge for them for a personal gain.


I used to donate all my books to local libraries or send them to other donation sites around the town that we lived. Now however, we search for military installations that can use the books. Why not just donate them to our brave troops and their families?? Putting books back into the military community helps to build relations with different families, as well as helping to promote reading!

Sending books overseas gives our men and women in deployed zones books that they can use for downtime. Everyone needs a little time now and again to just unwind, and there is no better way to do it than setting down with a great read!! Books for all ages are needed. Why not donate those books that you cannot use anymore and save some space in your home! It is super easy and even TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

But they don’t just donate to our military overseas… they donate here at home as well!! As long as you are military affiliated, it does not matter where you are! At home or abroad, they have you covered!! Donate those books now!! You can put a smile on a child’s face with a simple book! It is so easy! Adults can also benefit from these reads!

I have pulled from their website a few areas that they are currently working on:

  • “Providing books from military Professional Reading Lists to support service member professional development goals;
  • Supporting Chaplains as they counsel troops, both before redeployment and after reunification, with a variety of specifically-requested titles;
  • Supplying books for the annual book give away at NSA Souda Bay in Crete, Greece for service members and their families;
  • Supplying children’s books to deployed soldiers who read to their children via webcam or on DVDs.” (Information pulled from the Operation Paperback Website: www.operationpaperback.org/about.php)


If this does not sounds like a worthy cause to donate into… well.. you know! Providing our troops with the means to not only keep a line of communication with their children, while providing them with lasting memories is more precious than anything you can imagine! Deployments can be rough enough, but missing parts of kids growing up is the hardest. Children grow so fast, and change so much over a short amount of time. Giving these parents little bits of time that they can share with their kids, even when they are gone is admirable!

Families stationed overseas can also benefit from these donations. Getting access to books while stationed overseas is not always easy. If a library is not readily available, and in a language that you can understand, then you may have to rely on ordering books online. This can result in huge fees for shipping and wait times for them to get to you. Sharing books that you have finished can give these families access to FREE books and you get to share the adventures that you have enjoyed with others! To date, Operation Paperback has donated over 2 MILLION books to our troops and their families! Even stationed stateside, military families will be able to benefit from this awesome company!! There are so many ways to donate, help, or even just contribute! Lets support our military in any way that we can!!

Be a hero and DONATE TODAY. Click here for their contact information!! You can also find them on FACEBOOK.