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The Secret Garden – Week 4

Mary and Colin have been working on restrengthening Colin’s body, and trying to keep their secret from the entire house is becoming harder than they thought. The food that they used to barely touch is now being scarfed down and raising eyebrows in the kitchen. So  they decide that they have to start leaving some of the food untouched, but when you have a large appetite its really hard to not eat it all. Dickon’s mother is nice enough to start sending some food to the garden for them, so they start leaving their food, which raises more eyebrows, and eating the wonderful treats that are sent for them.

Before they started playing in the garden, both of them were selfish and spoiled, but something wonderful has happened. They know that Dickon’s mother has 14 children to feed, so they start sending some of their shillings, their own spending money, to help them out.

Colin is gaining more and more strength! He can run around the garden now, and he is determined to surprise his father when he returns to the Manor. Ben Weatherstaff has been brought in on the secret, and is helping bring the garden to life. But how many more secrets can they keep and how long before they are found out!?

This week we are reading chapters 22-27


1. Compare Dickon’s upbringing with Mary’s and Colin’s. How is it different? Is it important, or just incidental, that Dickon is a “common moor boy” rather than a member of the “privileged class”?

2. Why does Mary respond so well to Martha? What characteristics of Martha’s personality are responsible for awakening the gentleness hidden in Mary? Compare Martha’s treatment of Mary to Mary’s treatment of Colin. Does it have the same effect on Colin as it does on Mary?

3.  In your opinion, does Mr. Craven, after subjecting his son to years of neglect, deserve redemption?

4. What was your favorite part of the book? Who was your favorite character?



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