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The Secret Garden – Week Two

Mary has finally found the key to the garden, and as she walks around inside, she is sure that she can bring it back to life. With the help of Dicken, the garden begins to take on a new look.

The crying in the night has not stopped, and Mary has determined to figure out what or who is making the sounds. As she wanders around in the darkness, she stumbles across a young boy, hidden away in the large house. There is something just a little familiar about him, and then she knows instantly who he is. Poor Colin has been kept hidden as his father cannot stand to look at him, since the death of his wife. She fell in the garden while pregnant, and it killed her.

Mary and Colin begin to spend more time together, secretly at first. Isn’t it wonderful to have a secret that you can share with someone?

Mary is blossoming more and more as the days progress. England seems to agree with her, and the attention that she is able to get from her friends is helping her to open up even more.


This week we are reading chapters 8-15


1. Mary and Dickon are working on bringing the garden back to life, slowly. Have you ever planted a garden of your own?

2. The crying in the night is not the wind. When Mary finds the culprit, she begins to visit him in secret. Do you have cousins you spend time with?

3. If you had some secret that you could share with someone, what would it be and who would you share it with?




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