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Tic Tac Toe – To Go!

I enjoy travel-sized games that can be tossed in the car and taken to a friend’s house. Easy carry, easy clean up! I found a handful of them at our local dollar store and realized that they are perfect for backyard shenanigans, too. We carry them outside for picnics, playtime in the sun, and play dates with the neighbors. What we didn’t have though was a reusable, take-along, tic tac toe game! It’s one of my four year old’s favorites and I thought if I could figure out a way to prevent having to draw hundreds of tic tac toe grids a day… well, I’d be a happy camper!

My munchkin and I initially collected a bunch of rocks from outside at the playground and around our house, which would have worked perfectly fine for this project. However, we discovered a vase of polished rocks hidden in our garage afterwards and decided to use them instead. In addition to a handful of rocks, all you need is a small cardboard box and white paint!

I don’t even need to go through the steps with you, this craft is that simple! Give your rocks a quick wash and paint a few X’s and O’s on them. Paint a tic tac toe grid (chart? Game board? What do you call that thing?) on the inside of your box and let it all dry.

Next…. play!!

Sending lots of X’s and O’s… <3

Happy Gaming!