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Satisfy those snack cravings with a delicious Trail Mix!

I am one of those moms that can never figure out what what we are doing for snack time. I try to keep things somewhat healthy, as my husband and I enjoy snacking as well. I struggled for the longest time to figure out something that we could keep on the go, but have at the house too. Since we are outside a lot, this trail mix has become a go to snack for us. This is super simple treat is perfect for lunch boxes too! This entire mix takes only minutes to put together, and is easily doubled and tripled, and can be portioned out quickly, in any size bags that you want!! Since the hubby and I are attempting to eat Paleo, we have been restricting even more our snacking and what we are bringing into the house. This snack is satisfying – kid and adult approved! If you are packing up care packages for troops, trail mix is always welcome!!


  • Planters Deluxe Whole Cashews
  • Ocean Spray Craisins
  • Blue Diamond Almonds – unsalted
  • Pistachio hearts (no shell)

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  1. Add all ingredients into a bowl, and mix well. Use the amounts of each that you prefer. We like a decent mix, so we use everything, but since we buy the larger back of Craisins, we can cut that in half to use twice!
  2. Scoop into your favorite sized container or Ziplock Baggies.
  3. ENJOY

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Super easy right?? I love that this is so easy to make, and extremely cost effective. The large bag of mix here, is one that we can all snack on for at least a week. You can grab all these ingredients at your local commissary, and the cost breakdown is so much cheaper than buying a pre-made mix! You can add and alter this recipe anyway, you like – add or take away favorite items (dried fruits or a little chocolate would be delicious too), or you can keep it cleaner and enjoy a super healthy delicious treat!

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