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Trumpet of the Swan – Week 2

Last week Sam discovered the Swans and their babies. Now the babies are big enough to start their migrations from Canada to Montana. 
The Swan parents have noticed that their youngest, Louis, does not speak at all, and they are concerned with the lack of communication, as young Swans find their mates through their calls.  Louis gets upset with his communication issues and flies off. Who does he find, but his friend Sam! Sam takes Louis to school where he learns to read and write. Talk about one smart bird! When Louis returns to the lake where his parents and siblings are, he finds that he can still not communicate with them, because they cannot read. 

Louis’s dad flies to Billings and STEALS a trumpet so that Louis can begin to speak! What will happen now!?

This week we will read Chapters 6-10

1. Have you ever seen a bird at school?

2. Louis is elated that he can communicate with humans, but has his heart broken when the young swan he falls in love with does not even give him a glance. Can he find a way to get through to her?

3. Sam is a really good friend to have! Do you have a friend like Sam?

4. Draw a picture of Louis.


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