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Fun Friday Craft: My Lucky Charms Canvas

As infants we document little foot prints and maybe while their firs year of life. This week’s craft I wanted to do that again with my boys with a canvas and paint. And since it’s close to St. Patrick’s Day we added a little luck to it!

That’s right we made and/or “attempted” to make four leaf clovers on a canvas. I got my oldest finger prints on this canvas. It was very easy and he really enjoyed it. Here’s what you’ll need to make your very own special lucky charm canvas.
All you’ll need is paints, a canvas and a paintbrush. 
Let’s get started. The only direction I gave my son was that I wanted four leaf clovers and a rainbow. Here’s what he made for me! 
We started out making the thumb print clovers. He did a great job! 

Anytime you are doing a craft with an actual child it’s not going to be perfect. It’s definitely an original. 
and here’s our finished product:

I am actually hoping to start doing more of these canvases. There’s nothing like getting a child’s perspective by handing them paint and a canvas and just say, “paint me a picture.” 
If you make this canvas or any other, if you post them on social media please tag us! Use the hash tag #MMSCraft and tag our channels as well as mine! @Candypo on Twitter. 

Happy painting!

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