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Trumpet of the Swan – Week 1

A Trumpeter Swan and her mate have created a nest with five eggs inside. Sam Beaver, a young boy who loves to be outdoors with his father has discovered this small nesting area, and is fascinated by it. He does not annoy the animals in any way, but leaves them alone and just watches what they do. The swans take note of Sam being there, and at first they are angered by his presence, but then they realize that he is only a friend, when he saves the Mother Swans life from a fox that was preparing to attack her. 

When the eggs finally hatch and the babies appear, one of them is different from the others. His name is Louis, and he cannot make a sound. His parents are concerned, but the father promises Louis to help him find a way to talk. 

Week One: Read Chapters 1-5

1. Do you like to observe animals?  Do you go to see them in a zoo or in the National Parks or State Parks?

2. Do you think Sam did the right thing by not saying anything to his father about the swans?

3. Sam struggles with the question of what he wants to be when he grows up. Do you know what you want to be?

4. Can you draw a picture of a Trumpeter Swan?


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