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2018 Kids Reading Challenge

Reading is one of the most important things that kids can do! It not only fuels their imaginations, but it helps to expand their vocabulary as well. We should encourage our kids to read more, and one of the ways that I have pushed my children to read something different. We tend to fall into categories when it comes to reading. I have one child that will read nothing but “army stuff” if I let him. I created this challenge for them, but then thought, why not share it?? We could all use some encouragement when it comes to reading. There is a challenge posted for the adults as well Challenge Your Reading in 2018 

2018 Kids Challenge:

  1. A book written over 100 years ago
  2. A book your mom or dad read when they were younger
  3. A book based on a true story
  4. A book from the kids MMS book Club
  5. A book with someone’s name in the title
  6. A book set in the future
  7. A book that is the first in a series
  8. A book that takes place in a country other than America
  9. A book set in the state where you live
  10. A book with royalty in it – real or imaginary
  11. A book that you read aloud to someone else
  12. A book from the bookstore or library
  13. A book that has a color in the title
  14. A book that is funny
  15. A book that a friend has read
  16. A book with a single word title
  17. A mystery
  18. A book that became a movie
  19. A book that you want to re-read
  20. A book with food in the title
  21. A book that takes place during your favorite season
  22. A book that was published in the last five years
  23. A book about a time in history that you wish you could go back and visit
  24. A book with a green cover
  25. A book with a fictional character in it

Have your kids give this a try! I have little rewards  for my kids as they accomplish a book! Share your reward system with us and how you encourage your kids to read more!