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The Silver Crown – Week 1

Alright kids, we are ready to dive into our new read! Get ready for an adventure that will leave you on the edge of your seat!


Ellen Carroll is not any child. She is special. She knows that she is a queen, and so when she wakes up on her birthday, she finds a silver crown on her pillow. As she moves off to hold court in the park, she is not to know how the day will turn out. While she sits and enjoys the quiet, planning how the day will go, her family is peacefully sleeping away in their beds. Soon the still of the quiet of her garden is broken by the sound of sirens wailing closer and closer. With a jolt, she realizes they are not moving off to another location, but staying close to where she is. As she moves off to find the cause of the sirens, she finds the home she left just recently in a pile of smoke. Ellen scans the crowd for a glimpse of her parents, but she realizes that they are not there.

Being told by a police officer that they were still in the home when it went up, she realizes that she is the only one left. As the police officer takes her to the police station, there is a robbery at one of the stores, and the police officer takes off after the robber, not to return to Ellen. As she sets off on her own she wonders what the day will hold. As she finds a stranger headed toward her destination of Kentucky, she is thankful for the ride. Their ride toward Kentucky starts off simple enough, but as the light fades, the driver seems to change, and Ellen takes the first chance she can to escape….

This week we are reading Chapters 1-8.


  1. Ellen returns home to find her family gone. What should she have done?
  2. The stranger offering her a ride is pure chance. Should Ellen have been more careful before taking a ride from a complete stranger?
  3. Otto and his mother seem out of place in the scenery that Ellen finds herself in. After her fearful car ride, should she have been more careful who she chose to trust?