I’ve said it once and I will say it again, being a military family is hard!! Just like everything else in life it takes time to gain the knowledge of all the different aspects of this lifestyle: PCSing, Tricare, traveling, etc.  In order to get all the details you have to ask a million questions, and if you don’t ask those questions or talk to people then there is a chance you will get left in the dark.  Regardless if you’re a military dependent for four years or twenty-five years, you never really find out everything you need to know…you’re still asking questions.

This is why the spouses at MyMilitarySavings are here!! We love to help each and every one of you and make things a bit easier.  We have done some digging and have pulled some really great facts that are useful when traveling, spouse being deployed and even moving.

1. When PCSing, CONUS or OCONUS, and you have a propane tank that the moving company will not pack you can turn it into the local Shoppette and receive a coupon or voucher for another tank, which you can redeem at your next base.  You would not have to pay the price for a brand new tank.

2. Most international flights have bassinets you can reserve for your baby.  This would definitely make life SO much easier.

3. On most airlines, when PCS’ing, the military member and dependents are allowed five bags per person as long as you have orders and each person is listed on those orders.  

4. Typically, maintenance will mow your lawn, help change light bulbs and move furniture around if your spouse is deployed.  *Please check with your local on post housing maintenance office for details.*

5. Some base Car Care Centers will do free oil changes when your spouse is deployed.  *Please check with your local Car Care Center for details.*

6.  Facilities like Skies Unlimited, USAREC, etc. will issue out deployment money which can be used to enroll your child(ren) in different programs offered on post, while your spouse is deployed.  The deployment money can also be used to pay for hourly childcare.

7. Military Town Advisor is a LEGIT website that allows military families to look at reviews of schools and neighborhoods.  Also available are PCS Guides to different states, realtors and find things to do! *See link below*

8. Base Directory, which can be accessed online or you can download their app, allows you to easily find your way around a new base.  Phone numbers are also listed on this site.  I personally LOVE it! *See link below*

9. When traveling you can enroll in My Hotel Rewards. This allows you to book hotels, without blackout dates, at the absolute lowest price! You can enroll at under the Travel Tab.

10.  Spouses can go to school for FREE!! I’ve done it to get my CPT and I know LOTS of others who have used it, also.  *Check out MilitaryOneSource and link below for more details.*

11. Once a year Active Duty and family members can receive free passes to get into certain theme parks through Waves Of Honor.  *Click link at the bottom of the page for details*

12. Military can receive free passes to National Parks around the country.  *See link below for more details*

Typically, you can also score discounts on food, apparel, cruises, car rentals, sporting events, books and so much more!! So, don’t forget to ask for MILITARY DISCOUNT every where you go!!!

OCONUS-Outside the continental US, also known as overseas.

CONUS-Continental US, also called state side.

These partners can also be found at the MyMilitarySavings website.  Click the Community Tab, then click Partners.

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