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A Lion To Guard Us – Week 1

Alright kiddos! It is time to dive into a new adventure! This one is a little different from some of the ones that we have done before, but its a cute little story! I hope that ya’ll will enjoy the read.


Amanda and her two siblings live with their mother in the large house where she works. Since their mother is sick, Amanda has been doing her work, and trying to care for her siblings the best she can. Their father has gone to America, to build houses for the settlers there. While Amanda and the rest of her family wait for word from father for them to come, they are making the best of their situation.

With her mother so ill. there is not telling when they are going to be able to head over to America to reunite their family. As the doctor comes to check on her mother, he has some bad news for her. Her mother has passed away, leaving her and her two siblings alone. She knows that she has to do the best she can for Jemmy and Meg, but without their father it will be harder. She is still determined to get to America, but convincing her mistress will be another story. Mrs. Trippett has a bag of money that belonged to her mother in safe keeping, and Amanda is determined to get it and buy the passage needed for the three of them to travel over.

When cook sends her out for water one day, Amanda runs over to the office where passage can be bought. She wants to know how much it will cost them to travel. But the gentleman dismisses her as she is just a child, refusing to think about the children sailing on their own. Amanda knows she must get to America, and soon!

This week, we are reading Chapters 1-5


  1. Do you think Amanda should have sent a letter to her father telling him about their mother?
  2. Is the idea of going to America a good one?