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A Lion To Guard Us – Week 3

With the voyage underway, Amanda, Jemmy and Meg are beginning to learn the names of those who are on board. While the ships sail through the ocean, the children spend a lot of time on deck when the weather is nice. When the weather is bad, they are below the ship in the hold, where it will be safer. Dr. Crider loves to stand on the deck near the railing where the waves can wash over him.

One day, Mr. John Rolfe comes looking for the doctor. No one can find him anyway. They search the entire ship to see if he is treating a sick passenger elsewhere, but he as completely vanished. The last time anyone saw him was the night before when he was standing at the railing. The seas were rough, and one of the sailors warned him to move before he was washed overboard by a wave. With the realization that their friend is gone, Amanda knows she must work harder at keeping Jemmy and Meg safe and together until they reach land. When John Rolfe warns her that people think the door knocker they have is made of gold, she realizes she must hide it before it goes missing. That door knocker is all they have left of their father, and Jemmy says that the lion is watching over them. So into the chest it goes. When a huge storm breaks out, the entire ship is rocked back and forth. They are not sure if they are going to survive the storm or not!

When the ship finally comes to rest, they realize that they are next to an island, but the ship is stuck on the rocks. They must make it to the island before the ship breaks apart…..

With one part of their adventure behind them, another is fixing to unfold!

This week we are reading Chapters 12-17


  1. Why do you think Dr. Crider liked to stand near the waves?
  2. Why is the door knocker so special to the children?
  3. Do you think it would be exciting to find a deserted island?